The Life and Times of a Psychiatric Nurse

I was already in the pub, cutting an elegant but mysterious figure in my Oswald Moseley black shirt, suede winkle-pickers and fashionable wrap-round sunglasses. I exuded an easy confidence as I strolled towards Kate and a group of her entirely irrelevant friends……… She was dressed in an ivory-coloured silk blouse, black pencil skirt and sheer tights, with her legs crossed cleverly to exhibit two gorgeous thighs. We chatted amiably about a variety of profound subjects, laughed hilariously at each other’s jokes, and exchanged beautifully synchronised non-verbal cues, before making independent excuses and adjourning to her flat for three hours of blissful sexual congress.
Naturally, our trysts would quickly become a passionate affaire, and we would often venture out from our love nest to dine in palatial surroundings, walk silently in Northumbria, or water-ski in the tropics. As an intellectual nymphomaniac, she would be my soul mate for eternity, and it would only remain for me to break the news to a sobbing, heartbroken Carol who would wisely hand over the children to me. They would naturally take this in their stride, live happy successful lives, and be more than pleased to wipe my bottom when the time eventually came.
I wish…


One Response to “The Life and Times of a Psychiatric Nurse”

  1. what type of nurse will you become. Some iittisutnons/state laws will limit the type of nurse that can be employed in MH (mental health). The short answer to your question is NO, but again, laws & institution policy may limit your job possibilities. As an LPN or RN once your pass boards, you are able to work in MH facilities or hospital geriatric units. In Oklahoma, when I finish LPN school I could go straight to a pediatric MH hospital or a hospital MH floor. The biggest factors are probably state laws & institution policies though. I typed it 3x, did I get through to you? LOL !!! hope this helps. Was this answer helpful?

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