Back to Basics

Huge stool sizes were not that uncommon in psychiatric settings, because patients often had constipation and sluggish bowels due to drug side-effects and sedentary life styles, leading to infrequent but massive ‘clear outs’. Sometimes the toilet would be totally blocked, necessitating a call out for the hospital engineers, and on one occasion the toilet bowl was filled to a level three inches above the seat, needing a shovel to remove the pile. Patients sometimes fainted when delivering these ‘babies’ because of fluctuations in blood pressure, and one patient was so used to these occasions that he obligingly rolled up his sleeves and cleared toilet obstructions himself, notwithstanding staff advice to the contrary. It was often joked that modern ‘holistic’ care approaches really revolved around one particular hole, and that this was in fact the ‘holy grail’ of psychiatric nursing activity. Disappointingly, one of the more sickening web sites had already disabused staff of any claim to record breaking fame, because stools up to six feet long had been recorded in the United States some years earlier…..


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  1. Those shots are wonderful!!! Really! So I don’t know if I miessd something or if its because I’m blogging on my phone, but I need details!! You moved furniture out of what room? How did you get the reflective surface? Tell, tell!!!

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