Diary of a Psychiatric Nurse

Sidney joined me in the kitchen and said:
“Have you heard of the six second rule yet?”
Suspecting more insane bureaucracy, I naively replied:
“Well, according to a bloke on telly last night, some cafés have a six second rule. If the waitresses drop food on the floor and it’s down there for more than six seconds, they play safe and don’t serve it.”
“Under six seconds on the floor and it’s okay then?” I enquired.
“That’s it.”
“If only we were that careful here” I said……


One Response to “Diary of a Psychiatric Nurse”

  1. Hi Schnarchen,
    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, psychiatric nursing occupies a strange world – but it’s one we’re all becoming familiar with (rights without responsibilities, individualism without community and so on). Life under a microscope.

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