The Predictable World of Madness

Whenever the drains were disturbed by heavy rain, the wonderful scents of hydrogen sulphide and methane wafted lazily in through the windows, while the central heating would invariably provide staff with heat stroke in the summer and hypothermia in the winter. The leaking roof was guaranteed to set of the smoke alarms at the dead of night, and loose slates blew around like giant razor blades whenever the north wind howled. The patients regularly broke windows, pictures and toilet bowls, ripped bathroom fittings of the walls, kicked holes in plasterwork, and stubbed cigarettes out on the carpets as a matter of course. They also went through two specially treated lounge suites a year because the fabric was eaten away by urine; polluting the whole room like a child’s stink bomb. The bills were horrendous I’m sure, but we could only guess at them while the managers sat in Nirvana and poured taxpayers’ money into the bottomless pit…


2 Responses to “The Predictable World of Madness”

  1. Hi Libramoon,
    Thanks very much for your messages. looks very interesting – I’ve added it to my blogroll. The article on is excellent. Culture-sensitive mental health care is still in its infancy (after all these years!).

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