Working with Madness

Within a short time, the workmen had roped off the main staircase so they could make the banisters higher, closed the smokers’ lounge for redecoration, and locked up the male toilet for ‘extension work’. Half an hour later, one patient had hit another because he couldn’t get into his usual smoking area, one confused lady had become entangled in the ropes barring the staircase as she attempted to walk upstairs by the only route she could remember, and one man had used the carpenter’s tool bag as a lavatory because he couldn’t get into his usual toilet. This patient then underlined his point of view by going outside and bombarding the two scruffy white vans with flowerpots. Luckily, there were so many dents in the vans already that no litigation was likely, and the builders tolerantly shrugged it off. They were destined to get used to this reception anyway, and no doubt they were receiving double pay for the job. All the radios were turned up to combat the ambient row, and I could just make out someone saying:
“The body of a women who hanged herself in a Paris art gallery was mistaken for a modern sculpture for a two days”,,,,,,,


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