Madness and Medication

The medication round was reasonably uneventful, with only one stentorian refusal, five clumsily dropped tablets, two tablets spontaneously dissolved in a poorly dried medicine pot, one lady who specialised in ‘slow motion’ tablet taking (ten minutes), and a temporarily missing person. Drilling and hammering continued to reverberate around the unit, and I began to wonder whether the doctor would prescribe a painkiller for me, but instead the unit manager arrived and said:
“Everything going to plan, eh?”
“Yes”, I replied “but it’s the plan which seems to be the problem.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll get our reward in heaven”
“I won’t wait here for it then, Richard.”
“The patients always come up trumps, anyway”
“Trumps are usually only the start”…


4 Responses to “Madness and Medication”

  1. It’s fascinating to see the difference between blogs made by nurses and blogs made by madmen.

  2. Hi Sophia,
    Yes, nurse/patient blogs are often diametrically opposed. So much for empathy!
    But in the face-to-face clinical situation things can be very different. This is the realm of unhealthy collusions……
    Great stuff on your site by the way. You have an exotic inner life it seems. Translate the Latin for me sometime.

  3. It’s from ecclesiastes: vanity of vanities, sayth the preacher, all is vanity

  4. indeed, “we know not what we do.”

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