A Meeting of Minds

“It’s nice to find someone who will accept responsibility without equivocation” applauded one of the Inspectors. “How do you see the unit now?”
“I believe we’ve made some important steps forward with the unit, including a number of ‘blue sky planning’ discussions, regular focus group meetings, the appointment of steering groups which now meet quarterly, and continuous reassessment of patients so we know exactly where we are.
“ Significant progress, then?”
“Yes, I should say so” replied the senior manager, cleverly immune to any form of sarcasm.
“And I’ve just put together a new training video” added Richard, beaming incestuously at his boss. “Perhaps I can show the inspectors…….”
“That reminds me” interrupted the senior manager “I’m due to give a presentation in five minutes. You’ll have to excuse me I’m afraid.”
“A presentation!” we all gasped.
“Manager giving presentation! Manager giving presentation!” howled Richard, pressing himself against the wall as the senior manager rushed out.


2 Responses to “A Meeting of Minds”

  1. i live next door 2 a woman who is a physc, nurse, and she needs help herself, she is mean and nasty, 2 her neibhor’s i can’t even begin 2 think how she treats the sick people that she is to take care of she has so much anger in her cause she hates her-self so much , her own childern don’t talk 2 her, she weighs almost 300lbs..!!! if she was in the army she would get a fat letter. her nebhiors are disbled and she calls them names all the time and the police on them.. has no respect.

  2. Hi Joanne, Yes, it’s certainly a mad world. Those in psychiatry�often contribute (sometimes unwittingly) to the problem.�We need to move on from�our fixation with individual therapies and�instead make sure people are socialised into a�stronger, saner�community. The individual is a good slave, but a poor master… Thanks very much for your comment. Leo

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