Madness on the Radio

On the radio, it was reported that a palaeontologist had discovered a well-preserved carbon footprint in the Himalayas. The creature responsible was said to be a small ape-like mammal with low intelligence and a big head. Professor R——– was incidentally the first man to ascend Everest on a mobility scooter, and he took the opportunity to thank all his family, the search and rescue services of five countries, the Dutch navy and NASA for their invaluable help in his record-breaking feat. He paid special tribute to his good friend Sherbet Fountain.
“Was he the man who carried you and the mobility scooter on his back for the last mile?” enquired the reporter.
“No, no. That was just a local chap. Sherbet is my personal trainer, body masseur and engine tuner”
“Oh, right.”
Professor R——- went on to outline his next ‘challenge’, which was to include ascending Mont Blanc on a pogo stick, diving off the Victoria Falls in a Belfast sink, and completing a decathlon whilst hog-tied.
“And what is the point of all these challenges?” commented the reporter.
“Point? Point? Good heavens man, we live in Postmodernist times – there’s no point to anything”.
“No point?”
“All acts of consciousness are completely relative. They have equal ontological validity. There is definitely no one truth” he barked assertively.
“Are you sure?”


2 Responses to “Madness on the Radio”

  1. I thought maybe some Nurses may be interested in my book,

    ‘Confessions of a Psych Nurse’

    I wrote it, knowing I risked license and livelihood, to help improve the working conditions of Nurses worldwide. I hope it is of some benefit.

    Sanja Riel

  2. Hi Sanja, Thanks very much for your comment. I’ve posted your link and wish youevery success with the book. Cheers, Leo

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