A Quick Look at the Paper

With five minutes left of my break, I searched the newspaper for a quick fillip from the astrology column and discovered that my week was going to end on a ‘high note’. Hoping this wasn’t going to be preceded by a kick to the groin, I then glanced through the ‘Memories’ page and saw pictures of jobless men turning muddy fields into town parks, circa 1860. If only they hadn’t perpetrated those vast tiered gardens, ionic temples and artificial waterfalls on the public, it would have been so much simpler for modern workmen to tarmac the lot and line it with ticket machines. A blight on them for being so near-sighted and hindering the march of progress.
“Do you want a crap?” I said to my colleague,
“Say what?” he responded.
“Do you want a bap? I’ve got one left over from lunchtime.”
“Er….I’m not particularly hungry, thanks.”


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