Real Life

Prior to the community meeting a few patients refused the time-honoured bait of tea and chocolate biscuits, regaling us instead with fairytales about sudden illness, extreme fatigue, and paralysis, while those who ageed to attend then moved in and out of the room like tricky targets in a rifle range, but eventually we settled down a quorum of ten. I immediately took the precaution of turning the volume of the T.V. set right down, but we had got no further than the preliminaries when I noticed that at least eight of the residents were now engrossed in watching the miming cast of ‘Coronation Street’. I broke the spell by switching over to a human biology programme on BBC 2, but one unintentional wit said:
“Bugger this biology rubbish. We want to see something about real life. Let’s have ‘Coronation Street’ back on.”


One Response to “Real Life”

  1. I am a CNA student right now and am chonoisg to become certified as a way to build up my credentials before applying to nursing school next year. CNAs deserve so much more recognition and pay for what they do. For those who have been enrolled in nursing school or are already RNs, exposure to a nursing home would make you a better nurse in you haven’t seen one or worked in one before. It is tough, and the nurses are expected to maintain a smile throughout the entire shift. The difference in the dynamic of a nursing home compared to an acute care facility is striking, really.

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