A letter

Along the way, I opened the solitary letter which had arrived for me that morning, and read:

Dear Steven,
You will be glad to hear that our investigation into the death of Cecilia S—- last year is now complete. Evidence has now come to hand that a fellow resident assaulted Miss S—- immediately before the reported incident, and that this indirectly led to Miss. S—’s fall and subsequent death.
We are sorry for any distress the investigation has caused you at such a difficult time, but the evidence above mentioned has only just come to light following a similar incident on the unit last week. The person responsible has admitted involvement in Miss. S—’s assault too.
All the best for the future,
R. S—-

So, a reprieve after all this time.

I carried on walking, adding a merry whistle to my skipping gait, surprising my companions who hadn’t heard me whistle before, and who no doubt wished they would never hear it again. We arrived at the East Field and began the day’s work, gradually feeling the sun climb and fall on our backs, seeing the gold sheaves multiply, and the land gradually return to earth. Then, late in the evening, we turned for home, the old black sheepdog ran ahead, and (being sensitive sorts) we lifted our heads to the shimmering horizon.



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