The End?

Along the bumpy track, heading for the main road, came a little blue car with vintage go-faster stripes and rusty wheel arches. The window wound down and a girl asked one of my friends if this was the right way out. She turned in my direction, and the harps played.

It was Kate.

It was corny.

But it was very nice.

She had come to see me, but couldn’t find anyone who knew the nurse called Steven J—-. This was probably because at C——– we only called each other by our preferred names or nicknames, and I was known usually as…..well…..something else. I was of course no longer a nurse.

The others left us, and we looked at each other with wide eyes.
“I’m sorry, Steve” she said, moving a little closer.
“No Brad Pitt today?”
“Definitely no Brad Pitt.”
The church clock struck six, and we walked towards our new home, in a dream.
Without shadows.


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