Perfect Management

A Funfair for the Common Man.

“Good morning Steven” said the unit manager.
“Oh, good morning Richard. I wasn’t expecting to see you on your day off.
“Yes, I’ve been here since 5.00 a.m. actually”.
“Well done, sir. ” I applauded “Will you be attending the staff meeting?”
“Staff meeting?” he laughed “Good Lord no, I’m far too busy with practical common sense matters to spend my life chattering.”
“Of course sir. I’ll cancel it immediately and get on with this morning’s discharges.”
“Good man.”
“By the way, we have three residents beginning part-time work with Parks and Gardens this morning, and one going to the Town Hall for office experience.”
“There have been no staff on long-term sick leave for twelve months.”
“The new anti-psychopathic medication is working impeccably.
“We now have copies of the new mental health white paper ‘Society Needs Care Too – Towards a Balance of Patient Rights and Patient Responsibilities’.
“The Prime Minister has this morning announced strong new measures to combat what he called the ‘the parasitical, sick society of our times.’
“He says the time has come to think as much about our community as ourselves.”
“And while I have the opportunity, may I congratulate on your recent promotion, sir?”
“You appear to be dressed as an Archbishop today.”
Oh….I see…. actually it’s because I’m joining the vigil for humankind recommended by the Aging Rockers’ Special Executive (ARSE). Why not join us on our remarkable journey, Steven?”
“Absolutely, sir. Nothing on God’s earth would prevent me from…..”

“Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
“Oi!” shouted Sidney. “Stop day dreaming, there’s somebody at the door”……


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