The Toilet Block

I told the unit manager that the drains were still smelly and he reminded me for the third or forth time that the system was far worse at his last unit. There, the plumbing had old, small bore pipes which were never intended to handle hospital waste, so the decision was made to pressurise the system with a pump. This was cheaper than laying new pipes, and should have propelled waste material through to the main sewer more efficiently. Instead, the pipes could not take the pressure and waste matter from one toilet area ‘backfired’ through adjacent pipes – blowing toilet seats off their hinges and pebble-dashing the inside of the entire block……


One Response to “The Toilet Block”

  1. yes i am an LPN/LVN , and i worked as a psych nusonert sure where you received that infobut not true, unless it was for a certain postition that requires that(maybe that was just that one postion)but in reality a RN with a 2 year Asssociates degree can alsowork on a psych unitas well as a CNAgood luck

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