Breaktime (said the winking wrestler)

Turning on the T.V. set, I found an interesting quiz programme about identifying strange antiques. Somebody was asked about a piece of ornate pottery, and after toying with it for a few moments, the contestant said:
“Would I drink from it?”
“You might do” said the questioner ”but it’s a spittoon.”
Another contestant said that they liked a beautifully carved Victorian commode, but they “wouldn’t know what to do with it”, and somebody with piggy eyes brought in a painting to sell which had been in the family since 1760, because he wanted to “have a good night out” with the cash. Indeed, most of the sellers wanted to transform their family heirlooms into either “Disneyworld” or “a cruise”, apart from those with a very well developed sense of history, conscience and family honour who just wanted their Grandma’s necklace “to go to a good home”. It reminded me of one of my colleagues who had the same perspective on Grandma herself (“she needs to go to a new home where experts can properly appreciate her”).
“What do you for a living?” the next contestant was asked.
“I’m a stoodent” came the reply.
“Oh, right. Studying which subject?”
“Oh, aye. I’m doing me Masters, like.”


One Response to “Breaktime (said the winking wrestler)”

  1. My career started in 1979. I worked in the ICU/CCU of a large hospital and made 8.95 and hour by working a specialty and the night shift.I went back to working the MSP floor making 29.50 an hour, as you can see the raises for nurses have hardly kept pace with the cost of living.The amount of work and responsibility we take on is unbelievable yet when you ask for a raise the powers that be raise their eyebrows and it is like asking you why should we give you one.e are professionals taking human lives in our hands and doing the very best we can to help them get the care they need.I have finally had enough and retired I had not planned to do so but the stress and responsibility have become to much for me.Bless the rest of you in this profession and I wish you all the best.A tired and frustrated nurse who has felt for a long time that this profession deserved better.

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