Does anyone know when the kids’ TV programmes finish and the adults’ programmes start?

On one channel, I found thirty neurotic people raving in a studio about Viagra and facelifts, while a smirking demagogue told them where they were going wrong. The audience all came to blows, shook hands, and trooped off grinning at the cameras. This was followed by a repeat series of ‘Missing Link’, the popular general knowledge quiz show, where today the contestants’ specialist subjects were ‘Fred Flintstone’, ‘welfare benefits since 1948’, ‘the sociology of rap music’, and ‘me’. The news bulletin had been cancelled completely, because all the reporters were in Florida bravely covering the heat wave, and all the newsreaders were in rehearsals for celebrity dance shows.

Decide where you want to travel and what political message you want to impart, then design the news around that. Nice job.


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