Career Nursing

I began flicking through the vacancy sheets which had recently arrived. All the staff did this religiously, either because they wanted to leave immediately, or because they wanted to leave a good deal sooner than that. I waded through the usual stream of secretarial jobs, senior executive gravy trains and foreign legion posts in hellhole dementia wards, and pushed it to one side. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the ‘Nursing Times’ any more because all the staff made for the jobs column like vultures descending on the carcass of an elephant, so Richard cancelled our subscription to make sure we didn’t leave en masse one day. He needn’t have bothered, because most of the staff just went through the motions, joyously imagining the successful interview, the nonchalant resignation tendered to indignant managers, the insanely jealous colleagues, the perfect job satisfaction in their new action-packed role – and then they woke up.
‘Ideal’ jobs in psychiatric nursing were rarer than hens’ teeth and staff either discovered this chastening truth the hard way, or they played mind games with the vacancy sheets and stayed where they were with the devil they knew. Still, I wasn’t as badly off as the fire-eating striptease artist I read about the other day. She not only had to work with a Bengal tiger and a sexually aroused python, she had to play flute and saxophone in the intermissions too.


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  1. I’m confused a liltte. Where does mental illnes, ie. bi-polar, schizo. ptsd, ect. fall. When we’re right , people will say it’s all BS. That we are taking advantage of the system. But what goes on in our heads is a battle nobody could imagine. To have two or three days a week of peace. In our heads. Would be a God send. To be able to not feel the paranoia, anxiety. To beable to bathe, eat, work, drive, make the appointments we so surely thought we could, when we set them, this IS the reality. It’s just not visible to most. And I’ll guarantee that all of us who fall into these categories do our best to not let anyone know. We want to be free. But our minds won’t let that happen. And, speaking from experience, it gets worse, as we get older. And it drives people away. And it makes it almost impossible to hold even a p-t job. Forget marriage, roommates. I’m just beefing about this because i’m going through ,yet, another eviction. And I am exhausted with the lies being slung my way. I know. Again, I know. They don’t get it!

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