Pseudo-Science Monthly
Number 7, Volume 2, May 2005
Are there any facts left in society?
This is the key question we should perhaps be asking ourselves as we stride purposelessly into the 21st. century. For generations, the mighty paradigms of religion and science have constrained the western world like a reversible straitjacket – but now the knots seem to be unravelling. Religious belief struggles in the face of secular indifference and sectarian strife, while science wobbles under a constant bombardment of embarrassing reverses and internecine squabbles. Global warming, the rape of the planet, M.S.R., B.S.E., foot and mouth, hospital super bugs, genetically altered crops, cloning, and endless moral polemic; all test our blind faith in scientific advancement and its techno-industrial outgrowths. Scientists could soon be viewed with the same sort of reverence as weather forecasters and astrologers. Where once we worshiped, now we doubt.
Beneath these once omnipotent gods, society itself struggles for a factual identity. Educational qualifications are distributed like confetti at a wedding, noble honours are touted for cash and celebrity, excellence suffocates under mass mediocrity, nationhood disappears amidst political correctness, and individualism extinguishes the ancient principles of community life.
We stand uneasily on the edge of a precipice.
The death of objectivity.


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