Our Glorious Leaders

There was a new notice on the board:
“It is important that all service managers and first line managers involve themselves in the workshop so that the balanced scorecard for the area is developed to meet your needs to manage your service and stimulate greater performance across the Trust.
This will be the first of many workshop sessions, which are expected to scope the needs of the services, and I am sure you will find it invaluable in terms of understanding performance indicators and their relationship with blue star ratings.”
Feeling slightly heady again, I took the bold step of ripping this jargon-riddled nonsense of the wall, and cutting it carefully into shopping lists in front of my astonished colleague.
“Steady on” he said.
“Don’t you occasionally feel like being yourself, and saying what you think?” I said impatiently.
“Yes, but……”
“It’s the ‘but’ that’s always the bloody problem. That’s why we’ve finished up being surrounded by all this unadulterated, mind-numbing bollocks!”
“W-w-well….for God’s sake…..why don’t you just leave Steve, if it’s all so crap?”
“To pay the mortgage with what?”


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