Reviews for ‘Looking Through the Windows of Madness” and Leo’s short stories.

“Leo Vine-Knight is a master wordsmith. His prose is superbly written, and only the most cynical human being, will fail to smile as he describes the protagonist’s domestic life and the important relationships that have helped to mould him and provide him with emotional support. This author knows the creative writing rules, but he has the courage to break them from time to time, and by doing so, he adds a power to his writing that many other writers, will be envious of.

Through the story, Vine-Knight paints wonderful word pictures. He doesn’t overload the work with unnecessary adjectives that would only deaden the moment. He demonstrates exceptional writing ability by superbly using metaphor to draw the reader in, and he lets them share the experience. The author creates spectacular imagery for his readers.

This work should be essential reading for adolescents and adults, no matter where they live, or how they use their waking hours. Why? Because people will learn a great deal about humanity, and discover a level of understand that will prepare them for the time when they are personally touched by the often disturbing and frightening world of mental disorders. Readers will discover humor can explain what serious prose often struggles to achieve.”

“Christ you’re good. I’m only on page 30 and I’m already reaching for an extra nortriptylene.
…..Just turned page 161. This could be the sequel to Kesey’s “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest,” The humour is precious! If this is even 20% true to life you should be in line for a bloody medal…..Excellent book. Disturbing, depressing, but excellent. The picture you paint of modern day England is so bleak; It seems to have little in common with the place I left forty years ago (it was bad enough back then!)…… I read “Windows” because you got my attention on page 1 and never lost it.”

“Looking Through the Windows of Madness is one of the best writings we’ve received from new authors.”

“(Leo Vine-Knight) brought us into the center of this eccentric family with a bang, and I had no doubt this would be a wild ride. The narrative voice, the dad, was both comic and critical, and planted us in the center of the action of his world. With fast-paced snippets, I learned much about all of them in matter of seconds. Annoying neighbours. Chaos. Extremes – “from mirth to cold silence,” spilled cereal, an insulting wife, a hugging daughter, and a yawn, belch, and fart. Yeah, in an instant every reader will know this family. As I got into the morning chaos, the scene popped alive in my head…….”

“wow this is amazing work.”

“There’s no words for it, but you’re a legend! That short story was awesome and insane in equal amounts. I loved it. Please make a mini-series out of this. I really want to see what happens next….”
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